Especialidades Médicas Myr, S.L.


Spin Tissue Processor STP 120

Myr Spin Tissue Processor STP 120 has been developed to meet the requirements of every single laboratory. The state-of-the-art technology and the unsurpassed processing method of the STP 120 qualifies it as the most successful Spin Tissue Processors ever. More than 3.000 units installed around the world confirms its leading position.


Modular Tissue Embedding Center EC 350

The Myr EC 350 is a modular paraffin embedding center featuring innovative design as well as easy operation. Different possibilities of setting up this instrument offer a simple and flexible adaptation to the working methods in the respective lab.


Modular Tissue Embedding Center EC 500

Ergonomic design with dispensing, thermal and cryo console. All the elements in the modular paraffin embedding center are designed to achieve maximum efficiency and operating comfort.


Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome M-240

The M-240 microtome from Myr uses state-of-the-art technology and embodies the company´s commitment to quality and excellence in the microtomy. It provides the operational convenience and the stability required for outstanding sectioning in routine, research and industry applications.


Automated slide stainer SS-30


Automated slide stainer (benchtop-unit) for simultaneous routine staining of various slide racks with different staining protocols. Instrument screen to monitor the staining process in real time.