Especialidades Médicas Myr, S.L.

Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome M-240

for paraffin-embedded tissue sectioning

The M-240 microtome from Myr uses state-of-the-art technology and embodies the company´s commitment to quality and excellence in the microtomy. It provides the operational convenience and the stability required for outstanding sectioning in routine, research and industry applications.



User friendly interface


Full color TFT 7” display with PCAD (projected capacitive) touchscreen. Size and tilt of the display allow an easy and effortless selection of the parameters and increase user safety.

All required parameters and functions are available on the main screen: section mode, section and trimming thickness, section counter, section sum, remaining travel, retraction and coarse feed, memory function.

Memory function

MEM key for higher productivity, to retrieve previous cuttings settings when working with uniform paraffin blocks. By simply pressing a key, the specimen moves into the stored MEM position.

Specimen orienting head

Thanks to a blocking mechanism the easy to operate change system allows to work with different specimen clamps.

Indication of 0-position in x and y direction by palpable “click” for the precise alignment of the specimen.

Motorized specimen feed

Precise, motorized coarse feed in two modes, continuous and step. In continuous mode, speed is selectable between slow and fast to ensure a controlled specimen approach.

Quick release specimen clamp

Cutting-edge design of the specimen clamp that prevents building up of dirt and facilitates operations with the microtome.

The retraction function selectable between 5 -250μ can be deactivated, although it is advisable as it prolongs the life of the blade. ( Default value 40 μ)

Spacious waste tray

Special antistatic coating prevents paraffin adhesion and minimizes the cleaning time. Ergonomic design with surface for arm rest. Wide area on the top of the microtome for the storage of tools.

Knife carrier system

Blade holder slides sideways in both directions allowing the use of the entire cutting edge. It accepts low- and high-profile blades.

All blade holders are equipped with finger guard for safety reasons.

Smooth and ergonomic handwheel

The handwheel is perfectly balanced thanks to an innovating counterweight system and can be locked in any angular position. Cutting can be done by turning the handwheel clockwise or counterclockwise.



The instrument is equipped with a simple and intuitive interface for quick learning.

The high cutting quality helps to obtain precise sections while the smooth-working handwheel minimizes user fatigue, allowing you to improve your performance and have greater productivity.

Technical Data Microtome M-240

Section thickness
Total range in (μm) 0,5 – 100
Thickness settings in (μm)  
  0,5 – 5        in increments of 0,5
   5 – 20        in increments of 1
  20 – 60       in increments of 5
  60 – 100     in increments of 10
Total range in (μm) 1 – 600
Thickness settings in (μm)
  1 – 10         in increments of 1
  10 – 20       in increments of 2
  20 – 50       in increments of 5
  50 – 100     in increments of 10
  100 – 600  in increments of 50
Specimen feed (mm) 28 ± 1 mm
Vertical stroke (mm) 72 ± 1 mm to allow sectioning of mega-cassettes
User interface 7” capacitive touchscreen display
Operating modes Rotational or Rocking (selectable)
Specimen retraction Optional function that can be deactivated
Total range in (μm) 5 – 250 μm (selectable in 1 μm increment)
  5 predefined values: 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 μm
  Default value: 40 μm
Motorized coarse feed (μm/sec)
  300     (slow speed forward)
  800     (fast speed forward)
  1800   (ultrafast speed backward)
  Additional function for forward/backward coarse feed in step mode
Blade Holder Type Two in One for high- and low-profile blades
Max. specimen size 50x60x40 mm (w x h x d)

Super cassette clamp 68x48x15 mm

Specimen orientation 
  ± 8º horizontal and vertical
  Rotational capability: 360º
  Indication of 0-position by means of click (x and y direction)
Power requirements 100-240 VAC / 50-60Hz
Consumption 40 VA
Width 465 mm
Depth with tray 540 mm
Height 298 mm
Weight 33,9 kg

Optional accessories

M240-2100 Standard specimen clamp 55×50 mm
M240-2200 Universal specimen clamp (Quick Release Clamp)
M240-4002 Knife carrier for disposable blades, model MR
M240-4101 Knife carrier for disposable blades, model ME

Ordering information


Microtome with knife carrier MR (for High and Low profile blades, lateral adjustment),
quick release clamp.


Microtome with knife carrier MR, (for High and Low profile blades, lateral adjustment),
standard specimen clamp.


Microtome with knife carrier ME (for High and Low profile blades, no lateral adjustment),
quick release clamp.


Microtome with knife carrier ME, (for High and Low profile blades, no lateral adjustment),
standard specimen clamp.