Especialidades Médicas Myr, S.L.

Automated slide stainer MYREVA SS-30

Automated slide stainer (benchtop-unit) for simultaneous routine stainer of various slide racks with different staining protocols.
Instrument screen to monitor continuously the staining process.

MYREVA SS-30 is the perfect instrument for Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) and Papanicolau (Pap) staining. It meets also requirements for special, user-specified staining protocols.

Users can load slide racks randomly, achieving efficiency a high throughput staining.


Technical Data Slide Stainer SS 30

Sample type Histological and cytological specimens
Staining capacity Up to 5 racks simultaneously (150 slides) depending on protocols, load frequency, and instrument configuration
Slide rack capacity 30 slides
Number of programs Programmable for up to 20 programs with max. 50 steps each
Number of reagents Up to 52 (32 preprogrammed reagents and 20 user-specified)
Immersion time From 1 sec to 59 minutes 59 sec per step
Agitation system Independently programmable for each station
Selectable parameters Depth, number of deeps and speed
Drain function Minimizes carryover from reagent from one station to the next
Number of stations 20 vessels with individual lid
Reagent stations Up to 19
Water stations Up to 3
Loading stations Up to 2
Unloading stations Up to 3 (2 if drying station is available)
Drying station 1 (optional)
Drying station temperature
(by increments of 1-degree celsius)
30 to 70º
Reagent stations capacity 300 ml
Fume extraction system Charcoal filter
Nominal voltage 100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz
Battery capacity 2 h
Length 1.200 mm
Width 440 mm
Height 368 mm
Weight 55 kg
Ordering Information
SS-30-Automated Slide Stainer 100-240v/50-60 Hz
SS-30H-Automated Slide Stainer with drying station 100-240v/50-60 Hz
Optional Accessories
SS30-059 Adapter for THERMO-MICROM rack (30 slides)
SS30-200 Load station LEICA racks
SS30-200B Lid for load station LEICA rack
SS30-201 Adapter for LEICA plastic rack (30 slides)
SS30-201B Adapter for LEICA metal rack (30 slides)
SS30-202 Adapter for SAKURA rack (20 slides)
SS30-204 Adapter for MEDITE rack (20 slides)
SS30-205 Adapter for MEDITE rack (30 slides)
SS30-210 Megaslides adapter